LUCKUP Heavy Duty Dog Cage Strong Metal Kennel and Crate Forsale

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The LUCKUP Heavy Duty Dog Cage is brand new. Heavy duty steel frame, strong and durable, suitable for many large dogs. The two plastic tray on the bottom can be slide out for easy cleaning. Three door design: The big door in front is suitable for pet in and out, the small door in front is suitable for feeding, aslo can open the door of the top. Folds down easily, you can storage it anywhere. LUCKUP heavy duty dog cage is easy to assemble, Just need to fit with four wheels then fix with eight screws, other locks have been pre-loaded,Just 3-5 minutes to complete.

We have excellent after-sales service, if you encounter any problems after purchase, you can contact us, we will help you solve.

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Customer Reviews

Quick Delivery and Roomie

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 on January 4, 2018
By Amazon Customer
We ordered this crate for our German Shepherd Mix who is a bit of a Houdini. In 7 years we have gone through 4 plastic crates and 3 wire mesh ones. He chews and pushes his way through weak points in other crates. Most recently he chewed or forced his way literally through the wires of his wire crate which we had zip tied shut because he kept forcing open the door. We decided we needed a bit of an upgrade. First, the shipping was fast. We ordered the crate on a Saturday or Sunday (I forget) and were stressing a bit as the crate wasn’t due to come until Thursday leaving us two days where our dog couldnt’ be crated. Imagine our surprise when the crate actually arrived on Tuesday! It was great and a huge relief. The crate was easy to put together and was very roomie. Our boy is about 80 pounds and could stand and turn around comfortably. We did end up putting plywood down since we didn’t know if the floor part would be that comfortable for our dog, hence the 4 stars. We also put a dog bed in for him.


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 on March 19, 2018
By LA721
Thank goodness for this cage! I adopted a Pittie who has terrible separation anxiety. He bent the bars on the standard black kind w/pan insert, chewed a few of the pan inserts and sat in his mess which then required daily baths after an already exhausting day at work. Don’t misunderstand me – it looks like a jail cell or lion cage, but was EXACTLY what my guy needed. The mess goes right into the bottom so I don’t have to worry about him sitting in it all day or creating more mess for mommy to clean up. I do wish it came in another option as far as color, but this thing is pretty close to perfect otherwise!

Life changing

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 on September 3, 2018
By April
This “lion cage” as we affectionately call it, has saved our family. We were at our wits end with our husky puppy breaking through four different kinds of kennels, even the “heavy duty” ones. We bought a dozen carabiners and she somehow broke those too. Even a $10 one from REI. We would come home to a disaster, with couch cushions and kids toys and shoes and everything in between destroyed. We were also afraid that she would only get partway out one day and strangle herself. She used to have complete meltdowns in the kennels she could escape. But this one, I think because she knows she really cannot escape it she lays in there calmly. And the bottom may seem strange to some people. But It does not bother her at all. What bothered her is when she would chew plastic shards off of the trays of her other kennels. It was so dangerous. We were out of options and considering rehoming her to a family that doesn’t have to kennel her. She’s happy and we are happy. Thank you so much for this product.

Repositioning of latches

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 on January 12, 2018
By Chad D.
Would have given it 5 stars but I think the positioning of the latches could be better. Since my dog is an escape artist I decided to do a little modification of my own. All you need is a rivet gun and a drill, a center hole punch would help out also. I also decided that I didn’t want or need the small bottom door so I secured it shut. I may do the same to the top, depends on whether or not my dog tries to force it open.

Another Problem Solved!

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 on August 26, 2018
By Tonya G
This is, indeed, HEAVY DUTY! I was very concerned about finding a large crate with strong enough bars. I mean, seriously, why do the ones in the stores have the same gauge wires for these giant kennels as they do for small dog crates? Just retarded, if u ask me. My dog actually likes this crate and it does not make me feel bad to leave her in it for a couple of hours. She will go right on in! She is an 80# Black Mouth Cur and she has enough room to stand, take a step, plenty of room to turn around and she can still flip herself around while she plays in it. So glad to have found this! I cannot speak for the assembly as my husband assembled it while I was away. It is easy to move and collapse. Please do not put small dogs in this without something substantial covering the floor bars. They will likely break a leg. Had to add that as much mother was a veterinarian and saw this happen many times. Also, have your pets spayed & neutered! 🙂

My black lab German Shepard mix is an escape artist

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 on July 20, 2018
By Jessica
So, first off, I’ve gone through multiple kennels because my 9 month old puppy can get out of/destroy anything. He would collapse white kennels and separate the welding if you gave him some time. He hasn’t escaped this one! But… we had to do some work to it. So the top is not secure. We had to chain it shut as it opens on hinges and has a flimsy “lock” to hold it closed. So, we chained it closed. Also, the latches on the door are a joke. If your dog is smart enough to open the front door of a white kennel like mine is, it’ll take him 2 minutes to figure this one out. So! We also chain the door shut. As many other people have said, the bars are hollow, so if your dog has a strong jaw, this might not work well for you. Mine is smart, but doesn’t have a super strong bite, so he has definitely dented the bars and I can see teeth marks on most of the bars and the top, but he hasn’t broken them or bent them, just dented about a 1/4”. And again as others have said, this doesn’t have a floor to it. You would think spending this much money they would provide a flooring for it. My pup broke the plastic bottoms of other kennels, so we had to upgrade. We got a truck bed mat from les swab for $51 and cut it down.