March 9, 2018 Petmate dog crate chick/duck brooder

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March 9, 2018 upgrade chick/ducks from repurposed Petmate additional big canine crate. The # 6 screws and wing nuts DID job, but the heads of the bolts were nearly also little. They included plain nuts, so as opposed to getting washers to maintain the bolts from falling through, I screwed the nuts right on. Worked terrific.

It is a much reach to the back … I have to crouch as well as virtually crawl in. I wait till the birds come close, after that I capture them if I am quick.

I REALLY such as this set-up. I can not consider anything I would transform … apart from not having ducks! I may hang a swing or put in some playthings.

I put a number of handfuls of the Sweet PDZ (excellent things!) in a jar, laid it on it's side as well as put it in the sunlight … it dried out, so I'll use it tomorrow. What I have actually been making use of is functioning, even if a little damp. I should have put the bags under sanctuary. I think I might deal with 15 chicks in right here if I didn't have any ducks.

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